Friday, July 21, 2017


The excellent TED Talks series shows the power of television and new media to stimulate thought and discussion, to educate, elucidate and enlighten.  They offer "ideas worth spreading." 

Television was capable of doing that. Instead, the majority of air-time goes to mindless sitcoms with canned laughter, formula drama, or so-called reality TV (which usually does not represent reality). Even mainstream news programming has become ideological and lost even any presence of neutrality. Current affairs programming is now the domain of the left. 

Had it not been for the advent of the internet and new audio-visual media formats, the wasteland of television, bereft of creative ideas and original programming would persist. If television producers and executives continue in that mode, their audiences will continue to decline.

Now, back to TED Talks: I want to feature a OUTSTANDING presentation about autism by Canadian Member of Parliament, The Hon. Mike Lake. It's eleven minutes long but imparts to the viewer a wealth of information and understanding, ideas and possibilities, for inclusion of people with autism. It's brilliance is its honest simplicity. I highly recommend you click the video link below.